Solutions for the Telengana Problem and unitiy of Andhra Pradesh

To whom it may concern,

Telugu Jathi Manadhi vs. Divide and Conquer

Telugus have always been one race and we have our own history, culture and most importantly our own unifying language. If the Telugu people of Andhra Pradesh do not stand together in the face of adversity, then we will be divided and conquered; just as the British did to India.

The desires and needs of Telugu people will not be heard unequivocally in the central government. Our internal conflicts will serve against us and other states will take advantage of our bickering by taking our resources.

We cant make unified policy that represents all the Telugu people. This will make us inefficient in dealing with adversity. Duplication of the political system will lead to increased beaurocracy, more corruption and more delays in economic growth. Industries will find it harder to setup their home base in either state.

We are one people. There is no such thing as a Krishna Jilla Telugu person and a Telengana Telugu person. Just because our accents differ, there is still no reason for hatred among brothers and sisters.

Solutions for the Telengana Problem and unity of Andhra Pradesh

My firm belief is that the Telengana problem has arisen from the overcapitalisation of Hyderabad. This has led to the rise of real estate prices, so that they are now unaffordable by the common man in  Telengana. Since Hyderabad has the best universities, like ISB, IIIT, Hyderabad University and Osmania University, people from all over Andhra and the world compete for seats in Hyderabad. This means people in Telengana find it difficult to get seats into their local universities. Even though big MNCs have setup in Hyderabad, people compete for their jobs from all parts of Andhra and India. There has been a large flux of people towards Hyderabad making it difficult for local Telengana people in terms of jobs, education, real-estate and even prices for day to day goods.

The problem has arisen from over investment in Hyderabad by successive governments, NRIs and Telugus everywhere. The solution lies in directing that investment towards all parts of Andhra so that all major cities can become metropolitan. This way all of Andhra Pradesh will develop. Andhra Pradesh is not a one man team. Andhra Pradesh is not Hyderabad and Hyderabad is not Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad is a part of Andhra Pradesh, only a part.

If all of AP develops then there will not be a migratory flow to one city causing a stress on available infrastructure and increasing cost of living. If infrastructure is developed statewide then people of all regions of AP will develop without creating strain on people, infrastructure and the environment.

Jai Samaikya Andhra Pradesh,

Mithilesh Dronavall

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